8 Powerful Cheating Tricks To Play Poker Online

There are several cheating tricks for playing online poker that we can apply in the game every day. With the right underhanded tricks, we can easily benefit. Maybe you can try to apply this to online poker games. What are the cheating tricks for playing poker with an online system? Here are 8 tricks to win on an online-based poker agent site that you can try:

Use Bots

The most frequently used way to win poker with an online system is to use bots. Making bots really can’t be done by just anyone. Only people who understand the world of IT are able to make bots.

However, if we succeed in making our own poker bot, we will win very easily. Try to make your own bot so we can manage everything freely by ourselves.

Continuous Bluffing

Bluffing is a method of bluffing other bettors by placing oneself as a bettor who has a high card. Even though in reality, the cards he held weren’t that good. Then we raise the stakes by a significant amount.

Bluffing like this usually makes the bettor’s guts lose concentration and become afraid. Finally, we can just take the betting money that is on the main table.

Count Cards

This card counting technique is a classic method in card gambling games. Usually, card counting is done in the game of blackjack. However, with a few adjustments, card counting can also be used on online poker dealer sites.

By counting the existing cards, we get the desired winning money in the poker gambling game. To learn card counting, we can read various poker game tips. This is quite a promising investment.

Use Deadlock Decks on Online Poker Sites

This method can be used to manipulate the appearance of cards at an online-based poker table. The application of this deadlock deck must use an AI (artificial intelligence) system. The use of this deadlock deck system will be successful if you succeed in building a good AI system.

We can also get the card with the highest value during the poker game. This cheating method is not just anyone who can do it. Only people who are experts in IT systems can use this trick.

Play Poker Online With Multiple Accounts

The next cheating way to play poker is to play with multiple accounts. How to play this multi-account is very simple. We only need to create several accounts at once and play at the same table.

In this way, we can achieve fast and many wins. This is a trick for playing poker gambling which is well-known and often used on this trusted https://www.surgaslot.top/ online gambling site.


Of course, we often hear the term collusion together with corruption. Collusion itself is an alternative way to win fraudulently. You do this by playing with people we know. At least play with 2 to 3 people. Unknown players or bettors will be targeted. The unknown bettor will spend his capital until nothing is left.

Cooperation with Poker Sites or Agents

Cooperating with poker sites or agents is also a trick to commit other frauds. Practices like this are often used by pro bettors. Those who are pros will definitely have access to poker agent sites in particular.

Another term is insider. If you already know insiders, we will get a lot of convenience. Especially when playing online poker gambling.

Ghosting At Online Poker Tournaments

Ghosting is a poker gambling trick to play fraudulently and is actually strictly prohibited. The application of ghosting is very often carried out during poker tournaments. So in essence we are like making our own agreements with fellow bettors.

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Later the winnings will be divided equally between the 2 bettors who work together. The distribution is in accordance with the mutual agreement.

Those were 8 cheating tricks for playing poker that you can try. If you want to make a profit in the game of poker, then we have to do a variety of ways. Even the way that tends to cheat is okay.