Tips And Strategies For Playing Texas Holdem Poker In Order To Win A Match


Texas holdem poker game has mushroomed everywhere, receiving love to IDNPlay who has brought this game into an online poker game that utilizes the original duwit of Rupiah in Indonesia. so it can be played anywhere and anytime through a smartphone by everyone. Since everyone can play it, so there is a problem to win every poker game because each person can definitely evaluate and improve their playing ability after they lose.

Here we cannot discuss how to register online poker or how to play it. Because if you’ve arrived on this page, it means that at least you’ve already played and understand how the rules and how to play. So we just focus ourselves on the strategy so that we can win every Texas Holdem match that you play either online, playing in a poker casino room or playing together with friends.

The strategy of playing Texas Holdem

Strategy # 1. Having a definite object

Every poker player must have the final object in every game that is played, which is to win the match and then become a poker champion or in other words get a duwit in the match that he enters. But there are things that must be considered in each round of poker betting games. You have to understand that each time you make a bet in the next round has an object content that understands if you don’t have the next object then that is your worst bet. What are the main objects of each poker bet that you must know are

1. Get Value

Getting a value in poker is the most basic and easy object that most people do in the poker world. If you think that if you get a very good card in the round, and your opponents call together with the quantity of duwit you requested, then you can increase the value of the bet against the pot so that you can win the round.

It is clear here that your object is to obtain the value of victory. This goal can be utilized if we carry a very good card.

2. Protect yourself

Protecting ourselves in the poker round is very necessary too. While we have good cards, our poker opponents also carry the possibility to get better cards than us, so we must force to make our opponents surrender together by adding value to our poker bets together with large quantities.

Just like object number 1, that we force our opponents to lose together by increasing the value of our bets. The difference together with object no. 1 is here once the flop is opened directly together by aggressively adding to the value of joint bets with enormous. This can make the opponent influenced by psychology. Opponents think that our cards are very, very good and are being threatened, eventually they can fold.

3. Bluffing / bluffing

The third goal is to bully your opponents. When you become unable to win the next round together with the cards you have in the meantime, one way to win the round is to take advantage of bluffing.

While bluffing, don’t show a nervous, fond or emotional expression. It’s better to always be quiet and calm so our opponents can’t read.

4. Getting Information

Sometimes a poker player needs to run a bet not to get a score, not to count the goal of looking after themselves or moreover to target bluffing. Sometimes the game looks really bad because it causes mistakes. But actually behind it all, a poker player is gathering info on how his co-star reacts.

Placing a bet is often able to reveal a lot of info regarding your opponent, about what cards he has and how to play. On the other hand you counted to create a conclusion that you are stupid in playing poker in the eyes of your opponent. This results in your opponents being caught off guard and assuming you are not a formidable opponent. Thus it can be far easier for you to play with your poker face.

With the four targets above, it is very useful for you while confused. Imagine if against while playing poker for a long duration, you suddenly lost your way and came to think like:

Doubt in poker
I think my opponent does not carry any cards (ugly)
I don’t know where I need to stand, fold, check, call or raise.
I think I’m in the lead for now
It is not the case if you think like that, but for while you are hesitating, please return to the 4 initial targets as above. Ask yourself:

is it possible to run a bet in this round to get a score?
is this to look after yourself?
can I bluff my opponent this time?
Do I collect more info by running bets derived from checking?
If the answer coming from the four questions above is no, you shouldn’t run the bet. Very simple right? Don’t run bets if there are no goals available, it is a desperate action from a desperate player.

Strategy # 2. Study your opponents

Poker game is arguably an information game, where every player who is looking at his two cards needs to be watched carefully. When entering the opening of The Flop, you need to be able to see well the expressions or gestures of other players (gestures) to get the slightest info. Basically, facial expressions that did not escape stemming from micro expression can be found even though the subject takes place quickly. It is able to learn well as you play at the poker table, players can come and go quickly so from that you can learn well if you really have the intention to learn about this.

Unfortunately, while we are studying this matter in online poker, where the game we play is not very possible for us to see the faces of other players. A little difficult to learn other players with limited information. However, online poker sites can label each player with their level. This is able to make you a professional reference or at least come from that matter. The size of the victory that was obtained by the player first indicates that the player is a great player. While the drawback is that other players can see the level of your level is calculated and the amount of victory that you get in playing.

Understand the type of playing opponents
This strategy is no less important so you can win even though your cards are not very good. Sometimes there are players who are happy all in when the new round has just begun. Their goal is to frighten their opponents even though the game card is not very good.

There are countless players who keep running their folds so their cards are ugly. While the player is not running the fold, it is possible that their card has a valuable value.

You are required to be very aware of your opponent’s habits, playing types and characteristics so that you are able to guess what your opponent is doing next.


Strategy # 3 Dare to attack, defend and yield

As with soccer, in poker we are required to dare to attack, defend and yield.

Attacking ie when you see your starting card is good you are able to increase your bet value so that other players are worried along with your card.
Enduring, that is, when your card appears not bad and not very good, you can follow until the dealer accesses the next card
To lose is when your initial card is bad it must be difficult to win, therefore you must dare to budge / fold.
Of course, the above 3 actions must be based on the target making a bet as described in trick # 1.

Strategy # 4 Make joint decisions quickly and accurately


Flush in poker and betting chips

In each poker round, the amount of time spent thinking is very minimal. Therefore you must jointly be obliged to quickly add a decision whether you will check, call, raise, or fold. Do not linger take the following decision because the longer you confiscate the decision, the more readable by what opponents you have.

If you trigger the following decision based on trick number 1, then you are not obliged to hesitate any longer to carry out that dispossession.

Strategy # 5 Always be persistent and disciplined

This is the most difficult thing for most poker players, professional poker players just lost their discipline and continued to make mistakes. This consistency is needed in all your game and financial curves, even more hours of play must be consistent.

Regarding consistency, all players are certainly not at the same level of consistency, which means that not all players have the same consistent standard. However, there is more than one thing that we are able to make as a benchmark, namely playing time, amount of playing credit, stopping when we have credit and so on. By making this decision, you have supported yourself to be diligent and develop a sense of patience.

Strategy # 6 Switch to the next challenge

When your credit gets bigger, surely you need something even more challenging. you are able to move to the table together with higher stakes. This will stimulate adrenaline and your ability to be careful when confiscating decisions in play. Playing at a table together with high stakes is good for you because you will get a new player together with a different pattern that you haven’t met before. Their style of play is on average quite unique considering the chips at stake are quite large, learning well together coming from each model betting the following players to get the gap.

When you lose don’t be shy to switch back to the small stakes table, securing credit is definitely better than you forever forcing to play at the big stakes table. By switching again to a small table you are able to cook even more when choosing your choices in play. Even though small stakes don’t matter, as long as you forever learn to control yourself and play your own tricks when playing.

For players who are new to poker, it is not recommended to step up to the table with large stakeholders even if you bring a lot of duwit because you have no experience.

Tips On Playing Texas Holdem Online For Beginners

For those who want to play Texas Hold’em online, there are some tips that you should pay attention to especially first. What are these tips:

Tip # 1. Find a trusted poker web site

Never once do you immediately register with a poker web site that promises attractive bonuses. Search aware of the web site’s information especially first instead of playing poker and implementing the strategies above, so you will be fooled and lose your money.

Not getting a web site that can be trusted? This is one of the best prayer sites for online poker.

Tip # 2. Read and understand the existing provisions

After you are confident about the poker web site, learn the conditions. Ask the customer service via Whatsapp or live if there are provisions that you don’t understand.

Do not forget to remind you to learn the bonus process offered by the poker web site. Because usually we want a bonus, then there are criteria that must be met against while wanting to withdraw our funds. Do not let just this trivial case cause you to have to use your time and energy to compete with the argument custumer service.

Also, be careful if there are web sites that offer free poker chips.

Tip # 3. Check the bank’s target account again

This is very important! Never do you transfer funds to a poker agent’s account without checking or asking which account you should send your deposit money to. Accounts have online poker agents keep changing. If until you have sent the funds without asking specifically first then maybe the worst thing is that the funds will not go into your online poker account.

Tip # 4. learn how to play and Texas holdem strategies

It is recommended before going to sit at the online betting table, you must be ready together with the material and knowledge in your brain. Don’t let it play for the first time without the same knowledge and strategy. Once playing, they are still confused with the existing terms.

Tip # 5. Make sure the internet connection is stable

Yes, playing in cyberspace certainly requires an internet connection. Make sure your quota is decent enough to play in a long duration, also make sure your cellphone signal is good if playing through a smartphone or functioning mobile provaider.

Not funny to you while you have a good card and a big bet suddenly the internet connection is dead. You lost a golden opportunity!

The last addition for you, if playing online poker better through an application on a smartphone. Download and install the application on your smartphone so that it does not get blocked by positive internet.

Tip # 6 Always monitor your chips

Playing online poker utilizes credit, where these chips are money on the gambling website, it can be said that these chips are your money in the game. If you make a withdrawal, the chips and your cut will be sent to the local bank that you registered on the website. This is what is often forgotten by online poker players, where the joy of playing further negates the chips they have. So it often leads to a decision where the player is reasonably sure to risk their chips.

Poker can actually bring together a lot of chips if you manage to win a large enough bet in it. Remember! It’s not always good luck forever on your side despite playing hard to cause other players to be eliminated together forever raising the bet. It is better for you to cause the time limit to play, to be when the playing time is up either you feel the victory or defeat you must stop as explained to tactic # 5. This is where you have to see your own game, is it already good or vice versa together see your chips.

Tip # 7 Manage emotions

Poker is actually exactly the same with psychology where the game often starts to heat up because some phases are very possible for players to raise bets and cause other players to be challenged. Maybe for some people who can’t control their emotions and are fooled by bluffing will always be part of bets raised by other players. This is why you as online poker players must be able to manage your own emotions, where each player’s actions will be another player’s info in the next round of decision making.

Learn from John Juanda in managing emotions. He was absolutely calm every time he played poker, causing his opponents to think that John was a submissive person who was really easy to beat.

Tip # 8 Buy the jackpot

Don’t forget to buy the jackpot so that if you get items like full house, four of kind, straight flush, royal flush and super royal you can get additional jackpot prizes, not to buy big. just buy small. but as often as possible. Jackpot prize calculation given if you get a combination of these cards is read against the steps to play poker, its terms and conditions.