Understanding the Right Time to Fold in Online Poker

Understanding the Right Time to Fold in Online Poker

If you are a beginner in the world of online poker, then the things you need to understand before playing are the basic meanings in real money poker games, the meaning of basic terms such as Fold, Raise, Check, and Call.

Fold or fold in Indonesian is the meaning used to cover your cards, or give up in online poker games if you decide not to play for the next round of sessions, usually if a beginner player is lazy to fold for fear of being seen as weak or weak. hoping to still win the game, if you think so then you should stop doing it because it is something wrong in the right way to play poker.

You need to recognize that when you fold, it doesn’t mean you are someone who is “easy to beat” but it is a sign that you are wise in playing, making sure when to play the right card with the right card is one of the characteristics of professional players that can be imitated in your game.

Do you really need to consider folding at the right time? Can’t this kind of thing be done at any time depending on our determination? Get rid of that thought for a moment and read carefully the reviews of trusted poker agents in this article.
The more you understand to fold at the right time, we believe your poker playing skills will be better and automatically you will have more chances to win the existing pots.



If your opponent is the type of player who enjoys pragmaticcasino and doesn’t make big bets without real hands, you should fold when that person makes big bets. Since your opponent has a strong image, he has the ability to take the pot occasionally. And when he makes big bets on a non-terrorizing board, he’s in a position to try to take or drop a set.

When a strong player makes this move, he will often have a set more than not, and even if you can’t read exactly what he has, whether it’s a strong hand or just a bluff, you’re better off folding.


You may also feel annoyed if you are forced to fold early. Assume you raise with J-J or A-Q and your opponent is again raising your bet, while you are curious about the flop and want to know your real place, this might be a trap.

If you call with J-J cards and think that your opponent reraises with a better hand than the pairs you have, you are in trouble. Starting from the Ace or King on the flop, it will certainly cause problems for you, and it gets worse if the flop is smaller. When you have a pair of Jacks, if your opponent re-raised before the flop with a Queen, King or Ace card, you might see the conditions in which direction is right for you to play against a hand that is above you. Depending on how you read your opponent, the best option is to fold.

Maybe your opponent is bluffing, but it is also possible that he can beat your cards, and the best option is to fold to wait for better opportunities.

The best rule depends on how your opponent’s playing style is, if you have been at the same table for some time, you should already know for sure the approximate card he has if he raises and re-raises. Use that analysis to decide.


There will be no one who is willing to let go of good Hands. But if you don’t make that mistake, you’ll also be creating more and more scourges by wasting your chips on calls you know you shouldn’t. There is no way to make the right conditions for playing or folding. And the closer calls can be made, the more mistakes you may make.

But this kind of thing is better than not having time to fold well. Above all in poker, the main thing is to protect the durability of the chips you have. Without chips, you will not be able to play. And without any chips saved by a good fold, you will not have enough chips to get the maximum win when you have the best hand.

So many articles that I can give, keep up with the latest articles from us and hopefully this article can be useful for all of you who really love online gambling games.