Facts About the Game of Poker

Facts About the Game of Poker

Poker games have been popular since the past until now and most people have felt how exciting this poker game is. And even this poker game became a historic game in the casino world. Then this game quickly exploded in the market and became an obsession around the world and for many people.

Poker games have now become a prestigious championship event such as poker tournaments are now starting to be presented and added to the poker games that appear on television shows, movies and online poker which are now increasingly becoming a fun game.

Then the question arises, do you know about the history of poker? It turns out that there are several facts about the game of poker, namely:

1.Initially played with 20 cards

At the beginning of this poker card, each deck consisted of 20 cards and only 4 players were allowed to play. Each player gets 5 cards and the player who has the best card wins the game. The 52-card poker hand was used in 1834 for the first time.

2.Name their cards in a different way

The game of poker is a worldwide phenomenon with more than 130 variations of the game and is played all over the world. In England it is called a group of 52 cards as a pack and for the United States it is better known as a deck and in other places it is called a set.

3. Poker chips were created to prevent fraud cases

The game of poker used valuables such as gold or coins as bets in the late 1800s. And for that the casino needed a way to standardize the amount of money wagered on the table. Thus the casinos began to create chips made of ivory, bone, wood or a unique symbol indicating the value of the chip. Then in the early 1900s there was fraud committed by fraudsters by duplicating chips. After that, a chip made of clay was produced so as not to be duplicated by fraudsters.

4.In 1998 an online poker site was launched

It was the online poker planet (poker site) that first presented real world games. The website then expanded so that it can be reached by everyone around the world. Then in 1999, the site experienced technical problems and finally closed.

Fact About Poker Game

5.In the United States there are about 80 million poker players

It is a very fantastic number, more than half of them choose to play online poker which then gives birth to professional poker players. These professional players can generate income with just a mobile or desktop device. Found around more than 1 million players connected to online poker servers around the world.

6.Reliable poker players, one of which is President Richard Nixon

Is a former President of the United States who once managed to win money worth US $ 6,000 in poker games in the US Navy during World War II for 2 months. Then he used the money to finance his first campaign and to make the Congress run in 1946.

7. Every poker hand has a nickname

Almost every poker hand has a unique name which mostly n=referring to famous poker players, historical events, famous objects or people. For example, there is a hand consisting of 8 and an ace, known as the Dead Man’s Hand because this card was once held by Old West who was none other than the folk hero Wild Bill Hickok at the time he was killed. Hands 10 and 2 are called Doyle Brusin because these hands were used by a famous pro poker player who won the WSOP tournament in 1976 and 1977.

8.Texas Hold’Em has been played over a century ago abad

For the first time Texas Hold’Em was played in www.praktikmetropol.com Texas in the early 1900s. Later this game was introduced to Las Vegas casinos.

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