How To Know The Characteristics of Bots Poker

How To Know The Characteristics of Bots Poker

Bots in online poker gambling games will certainly make online poker gambling fans annoyed and disappointed, because this can also be very detrimental to the original players. In the following, we will discuss how to find out the characteristics of a robot player if you are in a poker room.

How to Know the Characteristics of Bots in Online Poker Gambling Games

1. We can pay attention and see the user ID of the players and observe the player

If all the time you are online they are there (because robots will usually play within 24 hours nonstop), it could be that the player is a robot program because the robot player has been programmed in such a way, so if you happen to find the same user ID in every poker room , that’s the time for you to find a new agent that is safer and more reliable and move from your current online gambling agent.

2. You can also see how long the player plays at each turn

If, for example, the player you suspect is the robot is set with a thinking time of 3 seconds, then that player will continue to walk with a 3 second bracket on each turn. Original players will usually think in different time frames for each turn because they need to strategize well, so pay close attention to every player there.

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3. You can also use the chat facilities on the online poker gambling site

Robot players can’t reply to chats at all, so you can test the player by asking the player to chat. If the player you suspect doesn’t give any response or doesn’t answer your chat, especially if you’ve been sending him messages continuously, chances are that the player is a robot player.

4. Also pay attention to the playing style of each online poker gambling player who is your opponent, because every real player will usually have a different style of play

Robot players will be governed by only one game tactic, so if you pay close attention in each of your games, you will also quickly know whether the opponent you are playing with is a real player or a robot player.

Here is one of our ways to analyze and find out how to detect robot players on online poker gambling sites, we hope that with the tricks we have mentioned above, you can detect and distinguish between real players and robot players. The cause of the robot being able to play on an online card gambling agent site is the basis of the online poker card gambling site’s security system. Most likely it is a weak and unsophisticated site.

Therefore it is highly recommended for genuine players who really want to get into this online poker gambling game so they can choose online poker gambling sites like , because playing with robots is very detrimental to real players and certainly makes these players. disappointed if caught. Choose an online poker gambling agent that is truly trusted and safe if you want to play clean from robot players. Please visit our website and join one of the most trusted online gambling agent sites throughout Indonesia. That’s all from us, thank you very much for your attention.